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RNL Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd focuses on the research, development and application of technology in the field of charging communication protocol conversion in the new energy industry, and deeply study the industry's communication protocol standards such as ISO 15118, DIN 70121, SAE J1772 and CHAdeMO. Provide intelligent communication protocol solutions that meet the charging standards of European, American and Japanese standards for new energy vehicles, chargers and battery power enterprises. RNL has passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification, the communication protocol converter—EVCC, SECC series products have intellectual property patents, and passed the testing and certification of TUV, DERKA and other authoritative institutions. RNL has more than 6 years of experience in mass production and has more than 1000+ sucessful cases. RNL is committed to providing continuous leading technical and service support for its partners. RNL's charging communication conversion solution is being applied by more NEV manufacturers, NEV charger manufacturers, battery and other manufacturers and enterprises, and its products have been exported to more than 70 countries and more than 500 cities overseas. We adhere to the development concept of providing users with innovative and ultimate charging solutions, take cooperation, win-win and sharing as the service purpose, and take promoting China's NEV and related products to rapidly move to the international stage as our own responsibility, and are unswerving and forge ahead. RNL is willing to sincerely work with you to create the future.

10 +

over ten years of technology accumulation

The technical support capability continues to lead, and the industry bugs are predicted in advance

70 +

Exported to overseas countries

The solutions with strong adaptability and has no borders

1000 +

Successful cases

Compatibility is recognized by partners, and solutions are being selected by more and more customers

6 +

Years of experience in mass production

Stability has been verified by time and well-known institutions

500 +

Apply to overseas cities

RNL's products and solutions are highly compatible with almost all models of EVs and EV chargers,it is the preferred charging solution for the NEV industry

Product range Product range
SECC for EV charger

RNL EVCC is a full-featured charging communication converter for the vehicle side, with high compatibility: matched with comprehensive range of EV models, vehicle types and series, compatible with overseas charger brands, allowing partners to have a more advantageous development experience. It complies with ISO15118 (TLS, Pnc, AC), DIN70121, SAE, CHAdeMO communication protocol standards, and has UDS diagnostic service to support the two-way communication (V2G protocol) application between electric vehicle and power grid. Providing easy-to-use charging protocal communication conversion solutions and more scalable private protocol solutions for automotive companies. The GB/T NEV with RNL EVCC can quickly get to overseas markets such as the EU, the Americas, Asia and so on by simply matching and installing

EV Charger
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SECC for EV charger

The SECC of RNL is a communication converter for full-function power supply equipment at charger side, which conforms to ISO15118 (TLS, Pnc, AC), DIN70121, SAE, CHAdeMO communication protocol standards, and has the PD detection function on the circuit board to support the two-way communication (V2G protocol) application of electric vehicles to the power grid. Provide a simple and feasible standard charging communication conversion solution and a more scalable private protocol solution for charger manufacturers and related companies.The GB/T EV charger with RNL's SECC can quickly get to overseas markets such as the EU, the Americas, Asia and so on by simply matching and installing

EV Charger
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Solution Solution

Power battery solution

Power battery solution support ISO15118/DIN 70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeMO through converts PLC-CAN protocal communication

NEV solutions

The new energy vehicle export charging solution adapts different models of EVCC according to different models and export regions. Support protocol: ISO15118/DIN 70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeM

Power module solution

Power supply module, test equipment (GB/T to CCS1/CCS2 CHAdeMO)solution applied charge communication converter (SECC) support protocol: ISO15118/DIN 70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeMO

NEV charging equipment solution

Application scheme of new energy charging equipment: support DIN70121/1SO15118/CHAdeMO protocol through communication controller (SECC)

New energy industry collaboration New energy industry collaboration

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RNL Global Service Network Covering 70+ regions

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Support ISO15118, DIN70121 and CHAdeMO charging protocols
Provide customized development of private communication protocol
Support the development of V2L, VAS, UDS, V2G and other functions
Take software technology as the core, and deeply study communication protocols of ISO15118/DIN70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeMO.
First in China to pass TUV and DEKRA certification

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